The Focus Weekend

Coast to Coast Company

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The Focus Weekend
11/22/19 to 11/24/19
Welcome to this three day camping trip with John Pogachar, the creator of Love on Every Billboard and Coast to Coast Company. Step into nature at the Sequoia National Park.
Your trip will be about meditation, stepping away from your nine to five work week and seeing how meditation, nature, and letting go of unecessary stress can have an impact on your entire life.
You will be surrounded by nature and the opportunity to go on a hike and put your office work away for the weekend. If you have a calling to focus on being present this is your chance.
You can let go of all your outer expectations with this trip and focus on connecting with this moment, with love, with creativity. Is it time for you to let go of your old stories from the past and let nature show you what stories you could possibly be building instead?
Please use this website to gather information for what you'll need to be prepared for while camping at the Sequoia National Park:

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