Finding Your Trail

I am happy to annouce that I am providing coaching to those who are looking for a new path in their life. It is easy to get lost in a world where society focuses on finding happiness outside of ourselves. I'm bringing light back to the path which you were meant to follow. Helping you focus on your breath, meditation, and getting in nature are some of the techniques I use to help you find the way on the trail you were made to follow. 

We will do one on one coaching calls for three months. Once a week we will focus on different perspecitives for creating possibilities. There will be optional homework and techniques to encourage growth. This will create an open space for you to get in touch with where you are in the moment.
It doesn't matter what path you have been on, it doesn't matter what past you are carrying on your back, what matters now is that you show up to do the work. You can create whatever path you want to go to next. Set up a consultation below and let's get started on finding your trail. 
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