Moving backwards to go forward.

Jennifer Otey

Twenty eight years ago my daughters were playing soccer and I was in the position of learning this game not new at all but new to me.  A tactic of the game is to move backward to get a better view, reposition the ball to set up for a better attack on the opponents goal.  This tactic although strange to me appeared to be a way to definitely reposition the ball but also turn the game around and give yourself and allow your team to be better situated to attack the opponents goal.  Today on my trek across the United States I felt called to go back to West Virginia and work with my Virtual Assistant Jennifer.  I too wanted to get better situated and look at things from a different perspective and when I told Jennifer I wanted to come back, she said of course and then promptly came up with so many other ideas we could work on that will reposition is for a win.  Creating is the place I need to be in right now creating a place for everyone to live a more exciting life.  A place of possibilities, a place of worthiness, a place of Love, a place where your ideas matter, a place of allowing.  Working from inside out, doing the the things that are going to launch me and everyone following around the world.

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