Leaving Havre

John Pogachar

Hello All

It’s a travel day today cutting south through Montana on my way to Mount Rushmore, which is some 500 plus miles away.  I don’t want to do it all in one day and I don’t know which way I’ll go, we will see how the wind blows.

I started this trip on the fifth of July and have seen lots of beautiful country, Glacier Park, and wheat fields of farmers in eastern Montana. 

Along the way I’ve stayed with a family member, in hotels, or in my car. Something was trying to come up a few days back and I’m standing in the shower with my eyes closed going why do I feel almost sick like I’ve got to get something out of my gut or off my chest. 

A voice inside said I’m afraid and then there was such a relief.  Acknowledging, hey I’m afraid of this whole idea! I don’t have a home to come back to, where am I going to land, or what am I going to do for money. 

Just in those few words, I’m afraid and it being totally ok with not knowing how this trip would all fall together or where, it was leading me. 

I’ve been meditating and listening to Abraham-Hicks along this journey and realizing truly that God, The Universe, has got my back and that I’m bigger then any problem that might come along.  A smile spreads across my face  with a knowing that things are going to be ok.

Love John

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