From Montana to Michigan

John Pogachar

Today I'm in Traverse City, Michigan camping, meditating, doing some much needed paper work. I got in a run today spotted a doe and watching some squirrels trying to take over my camp site, no food guys try the lady in the next site. 

A lot has been going on since I left Havre, MT. One thing is that the integral part of doing a blog is that it should be done every day or so. Interesting enough I haven't posted one since the 20th of July. Part of this journey I'm on is finding my voice, speaking out on things I want to say. The thing is my inner voice, who I want to call my ego would rather have my play small and keep quiet on this matter. It's like I'm in this discussion with my inner self, have you had this conversation with yourself? I have found by acknowledging the ego and thanking it for being on this journey with me we get along pretty well. Some might say I hate the ego but in that thought you set up a resistance with it and if you want to fight the ego will give you one, so love it and lets see how good of friends we can become.

To catch you all up, after I left Havre, MT I cut across the state to Billings, MT and then on to Devil's Tower in Wyoming. This is definitely a place to go and it is located in the north eastern corner of Wyoming. A monolith of rock just out of the ground hundreds of feet in the air, spectacular and like how does this just happen. The road didn't end there today it was only beginning as I rode into South Dakkota and was treated to an evening show with Teddy Roosevelt talking about the Presidents that were picked to be on Mount Rushmore. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln adorn this Memorial all four bring incredible strength to the United States and were picked for specific reasons. Abraham Lincoln was put on Mount Rushmore because of his strength at keeping the Union to together. The United States that's who we are not the North and the South we are the United States and find great strength in staying that way. Thomas Jefferson was added to Mounth Rushmore because of the Louisiana Purchase this in itself doubled the size of the United States at that time. The other two Presidents I will allow you to look up to see why they were added it will be a good history lesson for you.

I chose to get up early and go back to see Mount Rushmore the next morning also which I was so glad I did because the sun shown bright on the Presidents faces and it was a sight to behold. Check out the Presidents trail if you want a nice hike. My travels took me into the The Badlands of South Dakota and the scenery tells you exactly how they got there name sake. Jutting mountains and drop away valleys amazed me at every turn. Sioux Falls Dakota was my next stop wehre I met up with my friend Micheal, they have a river that runs through the city similar to Spokane, WA and many other cities. Beautiful water falls and a great art walk downtown with many bronze statues to look at.

A continued lesson love the resistance that comes into your life, meditate, through this action you are truly able to quiet your mind. You might think I don't have the time to meditate but I would say you don't have the time not to meditate. Be kind to yourselves and love yourself fiercely. Ending this blog here, you will also find me on Facebook with thoughts and adventures at Coast to Coast Company and Love on Every Billboard. Our online store will have pictures of sites I've been to printed on an array of items please check them out.

Much Love,


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  • Thank you so much for the reminder and encouragement to love our egos and work with them rather than fighting them. So much more inner peace that way. Yes! Love ourselves fiercely. Beautifully put, John.

    Thank you also for sharing you adventures with us!

    Much love right back to you!

    Camille DeSalme

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