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Hello how are you?!!

Almost heaven, West Virginia, Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River how many times have I sung along to this song made popular by the late and great entertainer John Denver never thinking I would be sitting as I type this blog in West Virginia and only a stones throw from Shenandoah River, and the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Manifesting is the best when you step into life and things just start happening for you, things you have dreamt about, thought about, plus so many other things show up these outside things are possible when you step into alignment with who your soul, inner being is.  Making sense, you will know and feel if you are aligned by how you are feeling alive and well, excited for the day or dreading each minute of your day afraid to walk into the most simplest of things and numbing yourself with television, alcohol, and myriad of other things.

Left Michigan and arrived in Columbus, OH and stayed with my friend Dan Rosu for a couple of days.  Columbus is a great city full of new growth and refurbishing old buildings making them like new again.  Parks, artworks, and lots of local food and shops abound in Columbus.  Shop owners wanting to converse with customers made this a feel good city for me.  Dan is quite the entrepreneur himself running his t-shirt business out of his apartment and then jetting off to local events every weekend to market his wares.

Leaving Columbus I took Dan’s suggestion to go to Old Mans Cave which is only about one hundred miles south east of Columbus here I was not disappointed at all for the open cave that is surrounded by natures, water, ferns, plants, and trees.  I would love to come back here in spring time to see the contrast in seasons as water levels in the falls was pretty low.  

On my way to Charlestown West Virginia, John Denver playing Take Me Home, Country Roads I am smiling and taking in the lush forests that surrounds the freeways.  I’m excited to be going to Charlestown to see Jennifer Otey, who has been helping me so much in preparing my website for Coast to Coast Company and has taken over working also on Love on Every Billboard web site.  Upon my arrival I’m greeted by all of Jennifer's family two beautiful daughters, her son, and husband.  This is going to be a great stay.  Oh I’m so grateful and so abundant in every way we all are can you feel the abundance that surrounds us all, breathe it in we are all connected and so where one is abundant we all are feel that breathe that.  Oh so much love for all that is.

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