Are you being your best self?

John Pogachar

Just when I feel like I've got all my shit together.. Check that out, when I've got my shit together, who ever has their shit together?! That's me judging myself, oh yeah, I still do that and I love it. It's okay to be a human or make sure my ego is still there. 

My lovely assistant, with big brown eyes shows up and calls me out on are you being your best self? Are you taking the tiem for John to be his best self? What holds you back from being your best self? Is it because you want to help others out and be the space for them until it no longer serves you or this other idea that my pen writing: Are you afraid to be yourself to see what ermerges. How much more love can you surround yourself with? Where can you be all one? Exploring, hiking, journaling come to mind. The more I feel, explore, hike, journal, the more I do and show up for myself the more I can be a space. 

The more I can be a space of love for myself and love every part of me, the scared little boy, who are you to do this, write this. I am amazing, we are amazing as we live in our tens and surround ourselves with love.

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