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This company was born out of surrendering expectations, having trust in all things good, and letting nature and meditation play a key role in my life. In July I packed up all of my belongings and left the one place I called home. I decided to travel across the world with no real concrete plans of where I would go, how I would get there, and what life was going to have in store for me. 

This idea came from a passion deep within that I had been ignoring for a long time. With all the seminars I've been to, coaching I've done, reading amazing books, and looking in with meditation it became clear that I needed to follow my intuition and let the Universe show me what needed to come next. 

Since then I've gained so much knowledge on traveling, putting yourself out there, communication, personal growth, and possibilities. This journey as inspired me to take the next step. I'm concentrating on putting myself in nature and taking photo's as I go so I can share nature with those around me. I'm also offering coaching to those who feel like that have been in a pattern that's not serving them anymore. I want to show other's there is possibilities in new perspectives, experiences that foster growth, and that taking one step forward can open doors that you never thought were possible. You don't have to be stuck anymore.

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